A Few Words
About Mountain View School

Mountain View School was started in 1985 and has been a fully accredited and registered institution ever since. It a was envisioned as a Christian based mixed day and boarding primary school for boys and girls and continues to share and live the inspiration that informed its founding. The schools premises, properties and other assets and are fully owned and managed by the school. The main objective of the school is and has always been to provide quality education to all in equity, to guide, counsel, train and integrate moral values to produce a holistic individual and a reliable citizen from the 3 to 15 years age bracket. Despite being a largely Christian school, the school admits pupils of all faiths and denominations. The school offers the government approved 8-4-4 system and the new CBC curriculum 2-6-6-3 in the manner described below. We also offer various extra curriculum activities to our students and which can be developed to a professional level. These include Taekwondo, Swimming, Band activity, Dancing, Computer skills and knowledge, Scouting, sports and athletics.

Our Programs

Our Featured Programs are selected through a rigorous process and
uniquely created every semester for our students.
Home Science
Computer and Tech
CBC curriculum
Ballet dancing
Music and Arts

Track your childs progress from our app.

You can now track your childs progress using our Mzizi ERP App. Our app includes a couple of features that enable our parents and guardians to stay updated when it comes to the childs school matters. These include Academics (The childs overall performance in school academics and extracurricular activities), Finance (The childs fee payments and other financial requirements) and Communication (Easier communication from us to the parents and vice versa). Get our MVS mobile applications below.
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Mountain View School is an exciting place.

At Mountain View School we understand that having fun is just as important to the kids as learning. We are happy to let our students have fun occasionally as that is an important aspect of learning and growing.